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LED Vanity Mirror - Multiple Sizes Available

Our incredible LED mirror is the perfect union of sleek and modern design. Boasting a visually striking appearance, this state of the art mirror features an illuminated bright white LED strips on the sides, making it a powerful centerpiece in any room. This mirror is copper-free which not only helps resist humidity and moisture, but will withstand corrosion up to 3x longer than standard copper sulfate mirrors. This mirror includes a 3 ft power cable to hardwire your mirror into a wall-mounted power switch. This mirror also features a safety backing which will keep the mirror face intact in the event of damage to prevent dangerous shards from causing potential injury.

Available in Two Sizes: 30" x 36" 36" x 36" Color Temperature: Bright White 4000K Wattage: 20W Power: 120V AC Power Cable: 3 Feet Requires Electrical Hardware Installation Includes: Safety Backing, Easy Installation Mount This mirror is polished copper free.

Item Number: V7-EMI-04-LED