White Flower Granite - 36" Kitchen Extended Countertop

Upgrade any kitchen or bathroom with Vima Décor's luxurious White Flower Granite. This granite features a soft, snowy white background with strong, dark grey speckles and medium shades of pewter throughout. The dramatic contrast of dark and light make this countertop an exceptional choice for a multitude of design schemes, from modern to traditional. We stock our granite in standard pre-cut kitchen and vanity sizes, making it quick and easy-to-install. With less overall waste, we able to pass the incredible savings off to you! All granite must be sealed after installation. Since granite is porous, we recommend periodically re-sealing to prevent stains.

White Flower Granite Kitchen Extended Countertop - 36" x 60" x 2cm Product Length (in): 36 Product Width (in): 60 Product Thickness (cm): 2 Material: Granite Color: White Flower Polished: 4 Sides

Item Number: V5K-WF3660-P
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