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About Vima Decor

VIMA Décor started as a function of its parent company in the multi-housing industry as a mechanism for adding value to acquisitions of significantly undervalued properties.  It was discovered that in a market driven way, they could effectively refurbish these properties by developing their own line of higher quality finish-out. This increased profit margins across the board by transforming Class-C units to Class-A for the price of an average Class-C rehab.  The profitability was apparent.  After five years of product development for their parent company’s multi-family renovation projects, VIMA Décor was established to offer these products to other commercial property owners, builders, and developers.
Since 2006, VIMA Décor has focused on providing solutions for the multi-family industry. VIMA Décor understands that affordability, quality, quick and easy installation and ongoing maintenance are all factors to take into consideration when purchasing products for multi-family renovation and construction projects. Because of this, VIMA Decor is on a continuous search to offer products that are durable, easy to install and help lower maintenance costs while still offering current design trends and a high-end look that will attract and retain customers.  
In 2009, VIMA opened a warehouse and distribution center in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and ships nationwide from that location.